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Technical, commercial and financial management for operational plants and their corporate structures

Technical & Commercial Asset Management

  • Supervision of the main contractors (O&M and surveillance company) to maximise availability and ensure compliance with agreed guarantees / obligations
  • Daily monitoring 
  • Periodic site visits to conduct visual inspections
  • Management of insurance claims
  • H&S services
  • Management of communications towards regulatory authorities and other stakeholders

Financial Asset Management

  • Preparation of annual budgets for each SPV and variance analysis 
  • Treasure management 
  • Loan Management
  • Management of revenue cycles
  • Contract Management (i.e. management of relevant deadlines, communications towards suppliers etc.)

Performance Optimisation and Risk Mitigation

  • Based on historical perfomances, identification of interventions to improve plants' productivity (e.g. component revamping, layout improvement, coating) 
  • Constant opex and PPA/GO benchmarking
  • Support in loan renegotiation
  • Identification of potential tax benefits
  • Pre-emptive verifications ahead of inspections from regulatory authorities 




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