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Assessment ahead of acquisitions and financing for plants under development and in operation

For projects under development

  • Environmental restrictions analysis and expected authorizations and permits process
  • Yield analysis assessment (based on estimates from the solar databases and software simulation)
  • Assessment of the envisaged grid connection
    • cable route, location of the point of connection, project land rights required  
    • assessment of  the estimated cost .
  • Identification of specific risks or technical / financial issues that might affect the project both during contruction and operation
  • Site visit to assess inter alia soil condition and access to the site

For plants in operation

  • Review and analysis of the key technical contracts, including amongst others, O&M, interconnection agreement, insurance policies
  • Yield analysis assessment and identification of causes of potential losses
  • Review of the technical assumptions in the operational budget for each PV plant (including production forecasts)
  • Support to legal adviser in the review of permits, licenses and authorizations
  • Visual inspection and on site-tests (IV curve, termographic analysis)


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