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A team with a robust experience and an innovative approach

The Enlight management team has been in the renewable market for over 10 years and has been able to follow the entire lifecycle of PV plants.

Since foundation, we have been involved in transactions under multiple roles (technical advisory, asset management and development) in relation to over over 800 MW of PV plants / projects

In our vision, we seek to remain at the forefront of the energy revolution by facilitating investments in renewable plants, hence ultimately increasing the production of clean energy.

Enlight Energy Services has been created as a fully integrated service provider to protect renewable investments and allow them to perform at the most profitable level possible. We have built a professional, integrated and efficient supply chain across the lifecycle of renewable energy assets.

Our Clients include leading international private equity funds, IPPs, infrastructure investors and family offices active in the renewable energy market.

 Our philosophy: being fully aligned with our Clients

Your assets’ success is always at the heart of what we do.

We know that an asset manager / O&M contractor is crucial in order to maximize risk-adjusted returns.

This is the reason why we seek to establish a long-term partnership with our Clients, listening to their needs, sharing ideas and learning about their expansion plans.

Our attention to social impacts

In line with our vision focused on sustainability and equality, we are a partner of Sopowerful, a foundation with the mission "Solar where it matters most". Through this partnership, we support the application of solar energy in the most challenging places, serving the purposes of healthcare, education and water access.


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